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Half Day Jeep/Hike – Silver Lake Mining Site

Moderately Difficult | 4 Hours | Ages 15+ | $90

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Ages 15+


4 Hours


Although very close to Silverton, the journey to high and historic Silver Lake – birthplace of big mining in Western Colorado – involves driving one of the shortest but scarier stretches of 4WD trail in the region followed by one of the shortest but scarier hikes in the region. The trailhead alone is one of the most scenic spots in Colorado. Reaching the alpine lake and ghost town requires negotiating ice tunnels, steep snow gullies, precipitous ledges, and ascending a 30 foot section of rotten cliff face with the aid of an old steel cable. Its definitely not for children or those with any fear of heights. However, because the trail is so short (1.25 miles), so scenic, and so historic, the route to Silver Lake offers the most adventure in the least amount of time that you can find in the unusually spectacular San Juan Mountains. Its unlikely you’ll see anyone but mountain goats on this jaunt. It’s also a safe hike during afternoon lightning danger.