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The Best of Adventuring Oaxaca Mexico (8 days/ 7 Nights)

Quick Details


Day 1: Arrive Oaxaca City. Tour the City and Markets
Day 2: Markets of Oaxaca. Tour Monte Alban. Travel to Benito Juarez.
Day 3: Trekking Cloud Forest of Oaxaca. Cabanas.
Day 4: Trekking Cloud Forest of Oaxaca. Cabanas. Travel to San Juan de Pacifico.
Day 5: Travel to Puerto Angel. Begin Surf Lessons.
Day 6: Surfing Puerto Angel.
Day 7: Surfing Puerto Angel. Depart for Oaxaca City
Day 8: Depart Oaxaca City
Dates Scheduled: varying October-April

Oaxaca City, Mexico (Monte Alban)

Oaxaca City is a cultural mecca known for its culinary delights, music, markets, and sights! One could spend days exploring its corners and not get to see everything. And right in the city is the amazing Aztec Ruins City of Monte Alban.

Rain Forest Trek, Oaxaca, Mexico

This amazing trek travels through the rain cloud forest of the highlands of Oaxaca. Located in the heart of the Southern Sierra Madre range are many small villages that we will spend the nights. Our days are spent traversing the beautiful routes between the villages. Please contact for more information.

3 Days Learning to Surf Oaxaca, Mexico

We spend several days soaking up the sun and learning to surf on the gentle waves of Oaxaca’s beautiful Pacific coast. The waves here are perfect for beginners and will surely give you the love for riding the waves. We enjoy all the coast has to offer as we enjoy relaxing on the coast and eating the freshest seafood available.

Learn to surf as we spend our days on the playa or just sit back and work on your tan and enjoy the melodic rhythm of the ocean waves. Its up to you on how active you want to be, but regardless of how you choose to spend your day you will enjoy every moment here on the coast!!