Trailhead Drops & Guided Hikes

May through Mid-October

We offer guided day hikes into some of the most awesome country of the San Juan Mountains. Here you can visit historical mills, mines and many old buildings of the Silverton, Colorado area.

It’s amazing to hike up over a mountain top and see a huge historic building of yesteryear sitting where it has sat for over a hundred years!

We also guide people into Silver Lake, the mining camp with no roads leading to it.

While hiking to the Corkscrew turntable, we actually walk on the old ties of the original railroad bed!

There are other great day hikes, too, including Hope Lake, Highland Mary Lakes, the Corkscrew Turntable, Bear Creek trail, and many others.


Trail Drops:

  • Highland Mary Lakes Trail: $50 per person.
  • Stony Colorado Trail Drop: $60 per person.
  • Molas pass Trail Drop: $20 per person.
  • Bear Town Trail Drop: $120 per person,
  • Segment 25, ‘Bolan Pass”: $120 per person.

WHERE WOULD YOU LIKE TO GO? Give us a call to find out more!

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  • We ride rain or shine, making it a part of the Colorado experience.

    Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours prior to your reservation time and date or you will forfeit any fees already paid. If you cancel anytime before the 48 hours prior to your reservation, you will be charged a 10% booking fee.

    All taxes included.

    Prices and times subject to change without notice.