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The Ultimate Silverton Experience

San Juan Backcountry is now the location for all of your Silverton Adventure needs. We have partnered with two local hotels to complete your experience. The Ultimate Silverton Experience can be designed just for you and your family to include any of our tours or rentals plus a train ride up to Silverton from Durango, a night stay in either the Historical Bent Elbow or the Newly remodeled Triangle motel and the next afternoon you will ride the train back down to Durango to complete your Silverton Adventure.  We have also partnered with a Rafting company in Durango and Horseback riding up in Silverton. If one night doesn’t seem like enough time up in our amazing town your welcome to add on another night or two. We have designed a few perfect packages that you can choose from or you can give us a call and we can just design that perfect vacation for you and yours!

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