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Rungu Electric Bike Rental

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Two Hour Rental
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Rungu Electric Bike Rentals in Silverton

Rungu Electric Juggernaut takes you places an e-bike will never go. Slick surfaces like soft sand, snow that’s a few inches deep or a couple inches of mud prevent a single front wheel from gripping in a turn. That’s what causes wipe-outs even on the fattest tires. Two wheels in front guarantee that a wheel is always on the inside of your turning circle gripping where a single tire never will.

RUNGU are also available for purchase. Contact us for more information.

Want to add a Lunch? $17.50 each. Box Lunch includes: Large sandwich, potato chips, candy bar, bottled water, and a souvenir “string backpack”. Sandwich choices are: Ham, roast beef, turkey or vegetarian.