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Mayan Ruins, Snorkeling, Sail Boat, Jungle (7 days/ 6 Nights)

Quick Details


Day 1: Arrive Belize City, transport to Eco-Lodge
Day 2: Tour Tikal Ruins, night at Eco-Lodge in Belize
Day 3: Transport to Caye Caulker (possible cabe tubing, horseback riding, ect.)
Day 4: Depart Caye Caulker. Snorkeling/Sailboat adventure. Camp on Caye on Barrier Reef
Day 5: Snorkeling/Sailboat adventure. Camp on Caye on Barrier Reef
Day 6: Arrive Dangriga, transport to Belize Zoo, Night tour of zoo, sleep at Zoo Cabanas
Day 7: Depart Belize Zoo to airport.
Dates Scheduled: varying October-April

Tikal Mayan Ruins

Tikal is the most magnificent of all Mayan ruins! Located just across the Belizean order in Guatemala the Parque Nacional Tikal is a protected area of approximately 370 square kilometers. The jungle, trees, and ruins are home to hundreds of species of birds including howler and spider monkeys, toucans, and parakeets. The grand scale of the place is overwhelming and its atmosphere is breathtaking. One could spend weeks exploring Tikaland never see all its wonders! We access Tikal from an amazing eco-lodge in Belize just across the border.

Three Day Snorkeling Sailboat Trip

This three day snorkeling trip is truly a trip of a lifetime just in itself!! This trip starts out on the Cayes (islands) in Belize along the Barrier Reef (the largest barrier reef in the Northern Hemisphere). We get the opportunity to spend three full days traveling in a sail boat along the reef and getting to explore remote snorkeling locations only accessible by knowledge from our guides. We camp out on two Cayes just inside the barrier reef inside the Caribbean Sea. Besides snorkeling we get the opportunity to fish and hunt lobster and conch (when in season), and we feast on the days harvest. All meals are included and can be tailored to your needs. We usually finish the tour back on the mainland and travel to the Belize Zoo before departing the next day.

Belize Zoo

We like to visit and support the Belize Zoo because it is not a typical zoo. It is a zoo that was started as a Jaguar rehabilitation program, and now it is a rehabilitation spot for many more Central American animals. Not only do we get to visit the zoo we get to stay here in their outdoor cabanas! And we get to do their night time tour which includes feeding the animals, so you get the opportunity to be up and close with the animals! We usually spend the night at the zoo before our departing day, as it is easy to reach the airport from here.